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There is Pricing Plan for Everyone
5 Free tokens, plus:
1 User
4 Message Templates
1 Custom Workflow
Unlimited Emails
R 899 p/m
Includes up to 100 tokens, plus:
Custom Token Limits
Unlimited Users, Templates & Workflows
Built in Debt Collector
Pay Button Integration

Easily increase your Pro Plan up to 600 tokens p/m.

Enjoy a 14-Day Free Trial with unlimited tokens to help you get started.

R 9,499 p/m
Everything in Pro, plus:
Unlimited Token Limits

If you need more than 600 tokens a month, Unlimited is for you.

You won't run into limits or extra charges for ongoing unpaid invoices or open quotes with Nagging Pandas' unique token system!

Tokens are used to allocate a Workflow to an invoice or quote, or send an unpaid invoice to the debt collector and they’re only counted once - in the month that the Workflow was allocated.

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Start with a 14 Day FREE Trial
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