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Easily Connect 
Nagging Panda 
With Xero

Nagging Panda is the perfect solution for businesses using Xero that spend valuable hours on invoice and quote follow-ups. 

Easily Link your Xero account
Create fully automated workflows
Personalised reminders via Email and SMS
Automatically nag for payments, follow up quotes and send unpaid invoices to the debt collector
Xero Connected App Partner
The Pinnacle of Invoice Reminders

Reminding Customers To Pay On Time Has Never Been Easier!

Nagging Panda Workflow
Group 5586.png
Combine Multiple Email and SMS Instructions in a Single Workflow

Take your communication to the next level by creating custom Email and SMS templates for each of your instructions, ensuring a personalized and impactful delivery of information to your customers.

Group 5589.png
Set when to Start and End

Create instructions to send before, on and after the invoice due date then combine them into a single automated workflow

Group 5588.png
Have Full Control Over Daily Sends

Take control of your reminders by setting the number, and timing, of your Email/SMS events.

Group 5592.png
Debt Collector

Effortlessly handle over due invoices by automatically sending them to the debt collector. Simply include when to activate the debt collector in your workflow and you've got a smooth and streamlined debt collection process.

Xero connectes app partner
Seamless Integration Made Easy
Xero integration
Click 'Connect to Xero'
connect with xero
Grant Consent in Xero
NP Cloud
You're now Fully Integrated
Up-to-the-Minute Information
Just the data we need to Nag

Our integration safely and securely retrieves the information from your Xero account for seamless and reliable automation including customer names, contact details, document status, due dates, and amounts.

Nagging Panda Accoutning Software Data Integration
Xero & Nagging Panda
Always ready for change

We constantly monitor for changes you've made to your Xero customers, invoices, and quotes and we update accordingly.

Easygoing Events

Nagging Panda ensures seamless workflow management by automatically ending any ongoing processes the moment you mark an invoice as paid or a quote as accepted in Xero.

Xero and Nagging Panda
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