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The Rise of Workflow Automation

Workflow automation

Today, businesses look to workflow automation to make themselves more efficient and increase productivity, accuracy, and profitability.

Small businesses often don’t have the staff to perform all the daily tasks required in running a business. Small business owners are often overstretched between sales, support, and billing. So, automating aspects of their business makes sense.

The term “workflow” refers to a set of steps that are taken to complete a particular task or series of tasks. Workflows are often automated with new tech tools – like Nagging Panda!

Here are 5 Impacts and benefits of workflow automation

1. Efficiency

Workflow automation enhances productivity. Mundane tasks can take time away from activities that generate revenue for your business, including manually sending payment reminders to customers, following up on quotations, and referring non-paying customers to a debt collector. These tasks are essential in your business, but all take a considerable amount of time and effort. Automating these tasks will increase your productivity and efficiency and help you generate more profit.

2. Cost-saving/ Decrease expenditures

Costs need to be kept as low as possible for profits within any business. By automating specific tasks, the need to have additional employee expenses is lowered. Staff costs contribute as the number one expense in many companies, and automation helps reduce these costs.

3. Reduce administrative errors/oversight

Human emotion can often get the better of us and sometimes spill into our work environments and affect work outcomes. This can lead to fatal errors for a business. Automated Systems will not forget to follow up on an overdue payment or neglect to follow up on quotations sent. They don’t take holidays, or breaks, or lose focus. They do as they are instructed and don’t lose their cool.

4. Improve and protect your cash flow

Automating payment reminders gets invoices paid faster, improving your cash flow, and helping maintain good relationships with your client.

5. Increases scalability

As your business grows, you will likely send more invoices. Automation will ensure that all invoices and quotes are followed up timeously – before, on, and after the due date – making sure you are on top of your game and portraying business professionalism.

However, one of the disadvantages is that workflow automation can be expensive and not user-friendly!

In steps Nagging Panda!

Nagging Panda is an automated workflow system for invoice payment reminders and quotation follow-ups called Pandas. A Panda is an automated workflow of instructions set up by you, the user, to communicate with your customer timeously.

Every aspect of Nagging Panda has been designed to make your life easier, improve your business cash flow, remove awkward conversations with customers, free up your time for revenue generation, and keep quality customer service and anything other than invoice payments and quotation follow-ups.

Nagging Panda is a simple and intuitive system with everything you need, working for you all year round. Nagging Panda takes no breaks or holidays, never feels awkward approaching customers for monies owed, and loves its job!

Nagging Pandas automated invoice payment and quote follow-up reminder solution will significantly benefit your business, no matter the size.

Let’s look at the 6 benefits we can offer you and your business.

1. Free up valuable time

Spend your time generating more revenue and maintaining good customer relationships. Leave the reminding and nagging of monies owed to Nagging Panda! Seriously, businesses spend way too much time on this, so automate the reminding process with Nagging Panda!

2. Debt Collection Service

Bad debt disrupts business cash flow and your bottom line and causes unnecessary stress. Often, businesses struggle to find the “right fit” debt collectors and write off bad debt too quickly. With Nagging Pandas’ integrated panel of debt collectors you have a dedicated resource in Nagging Panda to escalate non-paying debtors, should the need arise.

3. Two-way convenience

Professional invoice payment reminders are convenient for both you and your customer. Don’t be that company that doesn’t remind customers to pay but gets upset when they don’t! An automated payment reminder software allows your business to automatically send invoices using Email and SMS communication to ensure your customers receive their invoices on time and pay on time!

4. Save Money & Generate more!

There is no more cost-effective solution. Free up time to generate revenue or anything else while Nagging Panda reminds and Nags.

5. Control The Narrative

Control what is said, how, and when—no anger, frustration, anxiety, or stress when you Automate the reminding and nagging with Nagging Panda. Nagging Panda delivers your tone and feel in all your communication to customers—no need to lose that personal connection with our customisable built-in templates.

6. Easy Add On

If you work from accounting software, set up your Nagging Panda once, and it’s done! All your invoices can have a Nagging Panda on the case!

In conclusion, workflow automation is imperative to any business! Not doing so can be detrimental to your company and hinder your future growth prospects.

Article by Nagging Panda - 2023/03/07

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