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Nagging Panda Partner Program

Partner with us and earn Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Status

Easy Sign up 
Choose to Take a percentage of the revenue or pass it to your clients as a discount
Manage your clients and their Nagging Panda Accounts with our transparent partner portal
Invite Clients directly from the partner portal
Nagging Panda
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We're Integrated to Major Accounting Software
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Sign up and 
Earn Points

Earn points for every Client you Sign up

Share in the revenue or pass it on to your Clients as a Discount

The more Points you earn the higher your Share

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Invite and Manage your Clients directly from your Partner Portal Account

Choose if you Pay for Subscirption or the Client

Realtime reporting

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The more Points you earn the more revenue share you get

You Get Nagging Panda to use in your business for Free*

Earn Certification Badges to put you above the rest

Nagging Panda is a Powerful Companion
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Start with a 14 Day FREE Trial
Everything your Clients need to Succeed
Nagging Panda's Partner Program Tier leves
Increase your Partner Tier

Get rewarded for your success with the Nagging Panda Partner Program. The 4 tiers - Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum - offer increasing profit shares, up to 20% of your clients' total subscriptions which you can also convert into subscription discounts for your clients. The more Clients you sign up, the more points you earn and the higher your tier becomes. Join now and start earning.

Earn your Badges and Awards

Get skilled on Nagging Panda to help increase you reputation as a Nagging Panda Partner. There are three skill levels to master; Crash Course, Panda Expert and Panda Master. Each Level helps you solidify the trust of your Nagging Panda Clients and ensures you can help them make the most of Nagging Panda and Increase their Business’ cashflow and efficiency.

Nagging Panda's Partner Certification level
Invite, Manage and keep track of all your clients from our Partner Portal

The Nagging Panda Portal allows to invite new clients and track their sign-up and account statuses. The Portal also allows you to top up your client’s SMS wallets and even pay for their monthly subscriptions

Nagging Panda Partner Portal
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There's a Pricing Plan for Everyone

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